Frequently Asked Questions

We have an opening that we would like Astfix to help us with. How does the process work?

The first step is to contact Astfix to go over the details of the position. We will tailor our recruiting efforts, time-frames, and hiring process to suit your needs. Astfix will then recruit and qualify the top candidates for your position and send their resume for your review. From there, you will be involved in the selection and interview process. That is, if you would like to be involved in the process. All that is left, at this point, is to select the preferred candidate, sign a Client Service Agreement, and set a date for when the candidate(s) is to start. Astfix will make the final offer and handle the arrangements.

What are your rates?

Rates may vary based upon project, skill-set and experience. However, we will always try to work within your budget. Please contact AsteriskAgent for more details.

What exactly is Remote Support?

One of the benefits of using Asterisk is that it can be administered from anywhere in the world. We have experienced Asterisk Engineers on stand-by who can fix your problem regardless of location.
*Internet Access Required

How does Astfix find their people?

The recruiters at Astfix make their living finding the best candidates available using a variety of methods. Professional referrals, forums, our existing database of candidates, extensive networking through users groups, associations, and many other methods comprise the typical arsenal of an Astfix recruiter.

I have an opening in a remote city. Can you still help us?

Absolutely! Although we prefer to have a local presence for screening purposes, our quality processes and thorough background investigations allow us to recruit great candidates for most locations.

Does Astfix supply training for their contract employees?

Astfix does make training available to our contract employees in many instances. AsteriskAgent has also partnered with Digium Certified training centers to provide users with the training needed to pass the dCAP examination. It is important to note, however, that the employees we recruit and place with a client do not typically need training, as they already possess the skills and experience needed to handle their responsibilities.

What does Astfix do to retain employees?

Retention has never been a problem with Astfix . We work with many of the top professionals in the world, we allow our placements to be taken on permanently and we pay them very competitive rates. We provide our staff with training resources to enable them to excel in their field. We pride ourselves in being a staffing firm that takes our employees best interests to heart, in building strong professional relationships, and in providing an honest and professional career resource.


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