Astfix Services & Support

Astfix is committed to providing you with knowledable, professional and reliable Asterisk support personnel. Asterisk Agent has built a world-wide network of Asterisk professionals who are ready to support your organizations IP-PBX "remotely" or "on-site" at a minutes notice 24/7.

Asterisk Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Asterisk SLAAstfix is now offering custom SLA's to fit your organizations Asterisk support needs, whether you are a SMB with limited support staff or a Call Center with a HA (High Availability) Asterisk cluster, DRBD, Vicidial and Queuemetrics, our support staff can support your needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We will monitor your Asterisk server around the clock, proactively responding to support needs should they arise, while you get back to running your business knowing that your Asterisk phone system is operating as it should.


Application Support

Application SupportAstfix provides a wide-range of support services for applications that enhance the Asterisk platform. From programming to custom configurations. If your looking for help with your Vicidial installation or a call-center looking for someone to help you with Queuemetrics we can help.

  • High Availability Asterisk Cluster (HAAC)
  • SS7
  • FreePBX
  • And more...

Asterisk Co-Location & Hosting

Asterisk HostingAstfix is now offering VPS & Hosting Services for your Asterisk IP-PBX server. We provide you with everything you need, Rack Space, Server, Bandwidth, Installation, Support and much more. If your worried about your phone system going down because of a hardware failure, theft, power outage or natural disaster (Fire, Flood, Tornado, Earth Quake) this is a great opportunity to have a disaster recovery plan in place. You can configure the 2nd line on your Polycom or Cisco phone to register with your backup server located at the Data Center ensuring you always have an active phone line.

Asterisk Turn-Key Subscription

Asterisk Subscription ServiceTurn-Key Asterisk Subscription Service
For a low monthly subscription fee Asterisk Agent is now offering turn-key Asterisk phone systems for your business. We provide you with everything you need, Hosting, Installation, Support, IP Phones, Headsets, Soft-phones, Custom Greeting, and much more. We free you from the headaches and uncertainty of buying and supporting a VOIP phone system. We provide enhancements as they come along, upgrade your equipment as needed, and resolve any problems related to your Asterisk phone system. You need never buy another phone system again.

Professional Voice Greetings

Professional Voice GreetingsFirst impressions are vital to the success of your business. Imagine prospective clients seeing your company as more established, more professional and more trustworthy. When they hear your new professionally recorded voice greeting they will feel more comfortable and more secure doing business with your organization, which means more sales revenue for you. Asterisk Agent specializes in Professional Audio Recordings for your Asterisk phone system. Now you have the ability to sound just as big and professional as fortune 500 companies. Get started today by choosing from Over 20 Voice Samples, optional background music also available.


TrainingWe can help train your staff to manage your internal telephone and call center infrastructures. Whether it’s managing day to day operations. We offer an intensive 10-day training course providing in-depth coverage of the key points of Asterisk installation, configuration and administration.


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