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Asterisk Co-Location & HostingAstfix is now offering VPS & Hosting Services for your Asterisk IP-PBX server. We provide you with everything you need, Rack Space, Server, Bandwidth, Installation, Support and much more. If your worried about your phone system going down because of a hardware failure, theft, power outage or natural disaster (Fire, Flood, Tornado, Earth Quake) this is a great opportunity to have a disaster recovery plan in place. You can configure the 2nd line on your Polycom or Cisco phone to register with your backup server located at the Data Center ensuring you always have an active phone line.

Your phone system is the life-line of your company. Don't get caught off guard.


Your server will be connected throughout the world via OC192 internet backbone fiber. The Data Center has over 50,000 square feet of space in Downtown Los Angeles. The Data Center operates several networks and interconnects networks via BGP4 via JUNIPER routers. The Data Center is carrier neutral but also offers true multi-homed gigabit connectivity with separate Gigabit and or 10 Gigabit connections to Level 3, Savvis, Mzima, Cogent, AT&T, and XO. The Data Center has fiber to the PAIX and EQUINIX peering fabrics. The Data Center offers both quality network connectivity with private peering and also offers low cost and reliable network connectivity. The Data Center's huge connectivity infrastructure insures the fastest network speed available


  • Secure and Controlled Facility
  • 24 hour On-Site Technical support
  • Multi-homed Gigabit Backbone
  • Cisco Firewalls
  • Cross Connects to Most Providers
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Burstable Connections
  • Redundant Cisco GSR & Juniper Routers
  • BGP-4
  • QOS (Quality of Service)
  • Fast Ethernet & Gigabit Switched Ports
  • Free UPS and Diesel Generator Power Back-up
  • Real Time Traffic Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Access
  • Free 24 hour reboots
  • Free network monitoring and automated pager, cell phone, or email notification
  • Redundant, 24-hour Air Conditioning
  • Free crossovers
  • Fiber Access
  • 24 HOUR On-Site Technicians


How long will it take to get my Asterisk server online?

Each server is custom built, but since the Data Center is open 24/7/365 servers often go online the same day however the average time is about 24 hours - a little longer the more custom the server and operating system is.

What type of Operating Systems do you offer?

  • RedHat
  • CentOS
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Mandriva
  • FreeBSD

Are your dedicated servers all rack mount?

Yes! The Data Center provides professional 19" rack mount dedicated servers which are rack mounted to lockable 19" telco cabinets. The Data Center has it's rack mount cases custom made with extra fans and durable power supplies.

How many static IPs can I get with my dedicated Asterisk server?

Every dedicated server comes with 1 static IP address, if you want more they are $2/ip/month. If you require more than 5 you may be asked to "justify" the usage according to the rules of ARIN who issues IP numbers.

What is "Unmetered" Bandwidth?

"Unmetered" Bandwidth is a term which means that you will not be charged for any bandwidth overage because a bandwidth "cap" has been put into place - usually at either the 10mbps mark (3,285 gigs/month) or at 100mbps mark. These plans are "full duplex" meaning you get 10mbps upload and also 10mbps download bandwidth available at the same time. The bandwidth is unshared and your commitment level is guaranteed. Every plan comes with a real time bandwidth monitoring graph so that you can watch your actual bandwidth usage in real time if you need more bandwidth you can always purchase more and we can remove the "cap" however most clients prefer the 10mbps because it is usually more than anyone needs and insures no bandwidth overage fees.

Does Astfix have free 24 hour on-site tech support?

We offer free 24 hour on-site connectivity related support and free 24/7/365 on-site tech support for anything that takes 5 minutes or less. So reboots are free and available 24 hours per day either by phone at (310) 598-7422. Custom support (for example, installing a custom script) is available for $85/hour.

Does Astfix have a trouble ticket system?

Yes, you can access our trouble ticket system here which is monitored 24/7/365.


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