Professional Voice Greetings

Custom Greetings For Your Asterisk Phone System

pro-voice-greetings.jpgFirst impressions are vital to the success of your business. Imagine prospective clients seeing your company as more established, more professional and more trustworthy. When they hear your new professionally recorded voice greeting they will feel more comfortable and more secure doing business with your organization, which means more sales revenue for you. Astfix specializes in Professional Audio Recordings for your Asterisk phone system. Now you have the ability to sound just as big and professional as fortune 500 companies. Get started today by choosing from Over 20 Voice Samples, optional background music also available.

Recorded by professional voice talents with years of experience in TV and radio

Recorded in a professional sound studio and delivered to you in any format you need


Greeting Samples
Animated 1 Hip and Trendy 3 Southern Accent
Animated 2 Laid Back 1 Spanish
Breaking News Laid Back 2 Sports Сaster
British Accent Movie Trailer Voice Sweet and Soft
Elegantand Sophisticated Narrator 1 Warm and Deep 1
High Energy Narrator 2 Warm and Deep 2
High Society News Сaster 1 British Accent (w. background music)
Hip and Trendy 1 News Сaster 2  
Hip and Trendy 2 Smooth Professional  


On Hold Messaging

At Astfix we are happy to provide you with on-hold messages for your Asterisk phone system. Keep callers on the phone while turning your phone system into a sales and advertising tool.

Multiple Voice Mail Greetings and Prompts

If you need more than one voice greeting for your phone system, learn how to save money by combining multiple voice mail greetings in the same order.

Multiple Voice Mail Greetings

Personal Voice Mail Greetings

Dazzle your friends and callers with a professional voice greeting customized just for you. Choose any voice in the range, from serious and professional to downright funny.

Scriptwriting Tips & Samples for Voice Greetings

Samples to help you write a better and more effective voicemail greeting - what to include in your script, writing your script, and choosing a pre-written script.

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