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Training We can help train your staff to manage your internal telephone and call center infrastructures. We offer an intensive 10-day training course providing in-depth coverage of the key points of Asterisk installation, configuration and administration.

The class will focus on the essentials an individual will need to properly plan, configure, install, and design an asterisk system. Each class is customized to the client through multiple vectors including: Client Environment Experience of Attendees Use-Case Scenario and Planning Current Client Telecommunications Infrastructure Client Specific Needs (gathered through a preliminary skillset and needs assessment)

The course begins with a comprehensive review of Linux and Enterprise Resource Planning as it pertains to Asterisk as a critical infrastructure component. Students are taught best practices planning and architectural concepts as it pertains to Asterisk on Linux. During the ERP and Architecture phase, students are taught and brought up to speed on Linux to the bare minimum requirements for Asterisk management competency.

Each student will provision, download, and compile Asterisk on a Virtual Machine. After the initial install phase, students will be taught to configure a basic Asterisk system through familiarization with Dial plan concepts. Students will design and engineer an Asterisk dial plan that will mimic the different components of their current Asterisk infrastructure. Troubleshooting concepts and maintenance will also be taught during this phase.

A final test and acceptance planning session will be taught to the students as it pertains to their system. Afterwards, students will be taught basic phone configuration and setup (including remote provisioning techniques). At the conclusion of the course, students will spend the remaining 3-4 days with the instructor on the familiarization of their newly acquired skillsets to the client’s existing asterisk system. Students will be required to set up a maintenance schedule and task list. During the familiarization phase, course attendees will identify efficiency engineering and security tasks as it pertains to the client’s Asterisk system and formulate a plan to complete the upgrade with minimal disruption of service.

Course Syllabus

Day 1: Asterisk Overview, Description, and Architectural Concepts

Day 2-3: Asterisk Planning and Baseline Linux Training (if necessary)

Day 4-6: Compile, Install, Configure Asterisk (and phones)

Day 7: Testing and Maintenance

Day 8-10: Familiarization with Client Environment

*Note: The Syllabus above is a basic schedule. Most attendees to this course usually move through the syllabus much faster. The course schedule above assumes students will be leaving class intermittently to attend to day-to-day maintenance tasks.

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